We are a premier warranty service repair company

Company Timeline


Radio repairs in Sydney

Grand Electronic and Appliance Services commenced as a radio repair business in Sydney in 1954.


Television comes to Australia

With the advent of television in Australia in 1956, activities expanded to include installation, servicing and repair of television sets.


Servicing metro areas

Being pioneers in the television industry, the business grew at a rapid rate - service coverage extended to other areas of Australia.


Major appliance services

With the continued expansion of operations, servicing of major appliances commenced.


Expansion to New Zealand

Servicing of TV and major appliances commenced in New Zealand.


Current Services

Over 400 service centres providing a comprehensive warranty service for AV products and major appliances throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our innovative management has extensive local and international experience within the consumer electronics and appliance industries.

  Our Business:  

  • Largest independently owned repairer of consumer electronics and major appliances in Australia

  • Established for more than 60 years.

  • National repairer for Australia and New Zealand

  • Established relationships with all major retailers

  • Leading brand names as well as private label brands within our warranty repair portfolio

  • Product refurbishment services

  • Flexibility to tailor a procedure according to client’s requirements

  • Professional and efficient business approach by management with local and international experience

  As a socially responsible company all of our processes are designed with the highest ethical standards in mind - including compliance with international workplace standards and environmentally responsible recycling of e-waste.